Ready to show the world ‘Pura Vida’ again

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Wedged between Nicaragua and Panama lies the eco-tourism capital of the world in Costa Rica. Sporting one of the most diverse biological ecosystems, Costa Rica has everything to offer, stunning volcanoes surrounded by enchanted cloud forests and majestic beaches that produce some of the finest surfing in the world.

Impressively the country recognized the enormous jewel that they held in their hand and began sharing their way of life and country with the world around them, quickly becoming one of the leading eco-tourism destinations.

That ‘life’ we speak of is partially made possible by the fact that Costa Rica is…

How “The Silent Christmases” for 30 years in Cuba can teach us an important lesson going into Covid Christmas 2020

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I grew up in the restaurant industry, running behind the bar to make Shirly Temple’s and dropping the glasses in racks in the dish pit when I was done. Rolando, a charismatic, transcendental man from Cuba worked for my family doing a multitude of jobs, sometimes dishwasher, sometimes sage but mostly dishwasher. It seemed like every time you ran into him he would grant you a hearty ‘Merry Christmas.’ After some translating and digging I eventually learned that he said it so much because ‘Castro took away Christmas and I have to make up for all the ones I lost’

How Cuba Lost Christmas

Navigating through COVID restrictions to visit Zagreb

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Beautifully set at the base of Mt. Medvednica, Croatia's capital city Zagreb is located in the northern mountains not far from the Slovenian border. The extraordinary coastal towns of Rovinj, Zadar, and Split are a short drive away and usually inhale the huge numbers of western tourists that visit Croatia each year. This leaves Zagreb’s unique atmosphere of cafes, public parks, and cobblestoned historic districts lightly touched by those who would rather try and glimpse Jay-Z’s yacht along the coastline.

This year has impacted Croatia and its crucial tourism sectors just like the rest of the world, with over 50%

A Pandemic Weekend in Oregon

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Originally when plans were made to head to Oregon in late July/early August the thought was that surely the pandemic would be winding down. We were obviously all too optimistic about that happening by Easter but late July, climate change and weeks of triple digits was finally going to show COVID-19 who was boss. Well that didn’t happen and to throw a nice cherry on top of it a bunch of Moms in bike helmets were getting the shit kicked out of them by storm troopers at a Federal Courthouse about 6 blocks away from the hotel we were going…

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The Toad King was old and ugly. Full of warts and twice the size of the average toad in Toad Land. You don’t become king without being old and ugly at least that was the way it seemed.

It seems odd that he was Toad King since no one particularly liked the Toad King. He just sat in the good mud with the good flies and grumbled about this or that. The other toads would just hop by and take amusement from his size and appetite.

That is until the spring when the rain was heavy and far more tadpoles…

My first 24 hours in Mexico City during COVID and Día de Muertos

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I’m sitting in an Airbnb apartment in the neighborhood of Condesa exactly 24 hours after arriving in Mexico City. The city opened my eyes to endless possibilities in the last day and given me some anxiety that I don’t have enough time in my week here to fully experience everything (I took some time to accept that fact at about 10 am this morning).

Getting there

I live in Austin, TX right now and was able to grab a direct flight (1hr40min airtime) from San Antonio for about $300 a few weeks ago. Due to COVID restrictions, you can’t drive into Mexico…

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Is it possible that systems of government can break, become manipulated for selfish gains and you can’t accept that because it means you’re being used?

Is it possible that you can’t admit you made a mistake so you become defensive and aggressive to defend your ego?

Is it possible that you accept the current distribution of wealth because your ego tells you that one day you’ll reap the spoils as well?

Is it possible that you can’t accept the severity of COVID because you can’t control it and it scares you to death?

Is it possible that the ‘American dream’…

coming from a dude who rocked the red vest

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Well, it's time to go to the Big Boy Hardware Store, might as well go step out in front of a god damn city bus, am I right. Not so fast there guy (or gal), take a step back and let me give you a little advice on how to navigate the Thunderdome of retail. I spent some time wearing the red vest (took me a month to earn it NBD) and I think I might be able to give you a little bit of help here.

Either go before 10 am or a Monday at 1:30 pm

Can’t find someone to help you? Let alone someone that knows what they’re…

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I noticed the pillow first. Much nicer than mine at home, tempur-pedic maybe. I must’ve gotten lucky last night, could it be the blonde from the Upstairs Lounge. No way, way too hot. But she did stand kinda close to me when she ordered a drink, so that is a possibility. Hopefully it's not Martha again, fuck, I can’t take another round of ceftriaxone, that shit knocks my dick in the dirt.

There’s a slight rattle from one corner of the room behind me, almost sounds like what you hear at a dentist’s office when he’s pulling a pick off…

Stephen Miller is a 35 year old man from Santa Monica, CA who is one of President Trumps top advisors on domestic policy, most notably focusing on immigration. He also has the Coronavirus.

Born into a privileged family in Southern California he received the best education his family and their American Dream could provide (Santa Monica High School followed by Duke University). …

T.H. Lee

Owner of Hippity Hop Travel. Just trying to not figure it all out

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